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Adelia worked in a laboratory for a pharmaceutical company, she also worked as a plaster technician for a Dental Technician. She worked in admin and customer service, at an asparagus farm, in a factory, in sales and marketing, retail as well as in the community sector as an interpreter and commercial artist . . .

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The title of the book designed in white background of the book cover entitled 'Love Me Now and Forever' by Adelia Goncalves

Love Me Now and Forever

By Adelia Goncalves

Love Me Now and Forever is a book about life’s trying moments. Here the author is trying to address the issues that people face in society and hope to respect, relearn, reconsider, recapture, restore, rely, reenter, relate, reexamine, review, renew, and retell with God the principal author and perfector of our life when we believe and trust in him.

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2019 New York Rights Fair

May 29-31, 2019

Javits Center
655 West 34th Street
New York, NY 10001

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Adelia star reviews

My name is Michael Raj. I am the campus pastor of Faith Christian Church, Casey located in Narre Warren. Adelia Goncalves is one of our regular and dedicated members. She is faithful and committed to the vision of our church and she is also very kind and caring towards people in the church. Her book 'Love Me Now & Forever' is very well written. It is inspiring and encouraging especially to those who have had a difficult time growing up. It's main theme of hope in the midst of despair is expressed in clear and simple terms. The book draws validity from Biblical scripture and leads the reader to the ultimate Hope-Giver, the loving Father Himself. My wish is for readers of this book to open their hearts and allow themselves to journey with the author to their destiny in God.

Pastor Michael Raj

Adelia star reviews

The story that brings to light the familial struggles that many of us face behind closed doors. Substance abuse, violence and a deep sense of neglect buried behind a desperate search for love and attachment and a holding onto hope, are a few of the underlying themes presented in this dramatic story. However, it is faith found in the little things and the importance of the people who float through our lives, sometimes for only a short season that make this book stand out from the rest- most importantly the realization that there is only one whom we can truly depend on to fulfil all our needs along our journey to self-discovery, and that person is Jesus Christ.

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Adelia star reviews

I first met Adelia in Melbourne at Flinders Street Station on a pleasant afternoon. Adelia seemed a vivacious person; singing and laughing and enjoying discussions with people about Jesus. As I got to know Adelia her confidence shined through and I always looked forward to seeing her again.

Adelia’s book is quite interesting as she exposes the mind of the person fully. It has a sense of anticipation, with different moods and circumstances of the character as life moves along. It builds upon caring for and loving others even when you don’t agree or want to bother. There are some very exciting moments and catastrophes that seem irrevocable but turn out to be blessings in disguise.

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